Hearing Aids Through Workers' Compensation

Accura Audiology is WNY's expert in hearing aid benefits through workers' compensation

Retiring Soon? or Recently Retired? 

Workers that have been exposed to noise can file for workers' compensation benefits within 27 months of their last day of work in noise.  


Testing can be done anytime between 90 days and 27 months.

Come to Accura Audiology for a free screening to determine if you have compensable hearing loss. 

  • If you do, we will fill out all necessary paperwork and direct you to an attorney that specializes in worker's compensation cases. 

  • If your hearing is normal or not considered compensable, then time, money and effort will be saved by not going through all subsequent steps.  

Have an Established Compensation Case?

Once your case is settled, you will likely have hearing aid benefits for life.  Come to Accura Audiology to discuss what options you have.  You will be surprised at the amazing, current technology available to you!   

Once you have a case established, your benefits will not expire.  Come to us whether your case is very recent or if it's been many years.   

With an established compensation case, your hearing aids, supplies and accessories should be paid for by your insurance carrier.  You will owe nothing out-of-pocket.  This is in addition to your monetary reward upon the settlement of your claim.  

Already Obtained Hearing Aids Through Compensation?

Most compensation cases for hearing loss offer life-time benefits, meaning you are not limited to one set of hearing aids.  If you have older hearing aids and are interested in newer technology, come speak to our doctors of audiology and we'll discuss all options!

Your coverage typically covers services from hearing aids, hearing aid supplies, batteries, wireless accessories, ongoing hearing testing and more!  

Hearing aids typically last about 5 years; most worker's compensation insurances allow the claimant to renew their hearing aids approximately every 5 years.    


James T.

I have been a patient with Accura Audiology since 2013. Accura Audiology helped me with a compensation case for hearing loss from my job. They took care of all of the paperwork and set me up with an attorney.  They made it easy for me to hear better for the rest of my life.  

Marc S.

I recently got awarded hearing aids through workmans comp and dealing with Accura has been nothing but a wonderful experience along with being able to hear again.  I appreciate everything Lauren has done.  

Christine K.

I've been satisfied with Accura's handling of my worker's compensation case.  I'm very comfortable with Accura Audiology.  They're very knowledgeable and they keep me updated on the latest technology.  They take their time and are very thorough.  They answer my questions and give me my supplies regularly.  They show me how to operate my hearing aids effectively.