Remote Support Instructions for Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids Only

Scheduling an appointment by phone

1. Contact Us

Contact Accura Audiology by phone to set up a remote appointment. We will schedule our video chat for a specific date/time.  Provide us with your e-mail address and we

will e-mail you an invitation.

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4. Connect Hearing Aids to App

Open app and follow instructions to connect your hearing aids to the app.  You are now ready to set up your secure tele-health account.


image of e-mail inbox

2. Receive E-Mail

You will receive an e-mail titled "You have been invited to myPhonak by your audiologist".

Open e-mail in your mobile device 

*if you already have the myPhonak app, go to step #5.


5. Set up App

In the same e-mail as before, click the other green button labeled "setup app".

This will prompt you to create a log-in password and will require the 9-digit code also in the same e-mail

You are now ready to access remote support with your audiologist.   


3. Download App

In the e-mail, click the green button labeled "download app".

This will take you to the app store to download the myPhonak app. 

Next: Download, install and open

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6. Select Remote Support

At the time of your scheduled remote appointment, open the app.  In the main screen, select the menu (3 horizontal lines in upper right) and select "Remote Support"

Next: start session and wait for connection with audiologist.