• Mike Schmidt, Au.D.

Phonak Updated Their App!

A couple weeks ago, you may have noticed the appearance of your smart app "myPhonak" changed. Most phones will process updates to their apps automatically, as updates become available. I want to point out a couple changes.

First, and most importantly, for those of you who created custom programs within their app, you may have noticed a huge flaw. The flaw was - if you placed your hearing aids into a custom program using the app, the custom program would not stay active indefinitely; it would often go back to your default program ("autosense") without notice. The reason for this was simple - any time your hearing aids would go into bluetooth mode, the hearing aids would automatically go back to the default program (autosense) once the Bluetooth activity was finished. This would occur from even the smallest of Bluetooth interruptions, such as text notifications or keyboard clicks. This would frustrate people who regularly used custom programs because they would have to keep initiating their custom program following every little Bluetooth interruption. Well, finally, Phonak has fixed this issue. The app will now keep you in the custom program despite interruptions of Bluetooth activity.

Second, the fine-tuning screen is different, particularly in the equalizer section. You now have sliders for low, middle and high frequency adjustments. This change makes it easier to manipulate these curves. Before, you needed to drag lines up and down and honestly, it was difficult to get the lines exactly where you wanted them.

Third, remote support has been made much easier to conduct. Phonak's remote support is available to those with hearing aids in the Marvel or Paradise technology line. Before this update, it was quite complicated to get our patients ready for remote appointments; patients were asked to create a username/password and to provide an access code. Currently, hearing aids are simply programmed with this ability already active.

These are just some of the improvements in the "myPhonak" app. Just as a reminder, the app does not give you total programming control of your hearing aids. Your audiologist has many more controls, expertise and programming tricks to choose from when adjusting your hearing aids. Please contact your audiologist if you feel your hearing aids require adjustments.

Michael Schmidt, Au.D.

Accura Audiology, PLLC - Williamsville, NY